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Leggings by Jodi

In Jodi’s words….

I never thought I’d be in the Legging business!  I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for 8 years.  I am a seeker of knowledge, I love learning new things.  Training is not just working out.  It is Diet.  It is Exercise.  It is Science.  It is Emotional.  Upon my studies, my beliefs have become stronger about how our emotions are connected to our Anatomy, which affects our Physiology, which affects our Biochemistry, which affects our Energetics, which circles back to Emotions.  I have felt like I needed a counseling degree to be a successful Personal Trainer.  As I studied, I decided to go the holistic route.  Currently I am enrolled and studying to be a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

How does this have anything to do with Leggings?  Well….if I want to inspire my clients with confidence, she must feel at least a little good about getting dressed and going to the gym or getting out and moving her body.  Leggings seemed like a good outlet to do that.  If I can inspire her to workout, she may make better food choices.  If she makes better food choices, her family and friends might be positively affects. If she continues, she may reach or exceed her health goals.
 If one smile, it can only be contagious, and the energy grows.

I have a dear friend who is from Brazil and she has inspired me to break out of my shell of black exercise gym wear.  Because I love her colors, quality and uniqueness of the Brazilian style I decided to research it and offer leggings to my clients and circle of friends.

My goal is to work with each client to make sure the style, fit and fabric make her look and feel like her best self.  If I can help foster positive internal belief and motivation, then watch out, because you’ll see that woman accomplish even greater things than she ever thought possible.

And thus….A dream was born…

…Welcome to the world of “Leggings by Jodi"